Wallingford Welcomes Major League Baseball Player Adam Greenberg

Major League Baseball player Adam Greenberg will speak to Wallingford students on November 1, 2012.


On November 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the Lyman Hall High School auditorium - Adam Greenberg, a native of Guilford, CT, will be speaking to Wallingford's collective student body.

Adam, the major league baseball player who was struck by the first pitch in his first at bat appearance in 2005, made national news a few weeks ago with his “One at Bat” with the Florida Marlins. His timely story along with his inspiring message is one the students will benefit from.  He is an incredibly good speaker and his message is one that every child should hear.  “Fight for your dreams, never give up, set goals and accomplish them!”

Where in a society we focus on the bad and the negative, it is refreshing that Adam Greenberg will share his story, a story of which many will finally be able to hear - and a story that is truly a feel good story.

There is no cost for attendees to this event. This program is being sponsored by the Lyman Hall and Sheehan Athletic Departments as well as the Lyman Hall Student Council and Dag Hammarskjold PTO.


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