Lyman Hall Vo-Ag's Miniature Horses to be Auctioned Off

The program can't afford to keep these adorable animals, but they can be yours if you file a bid with the Town of Wallingford.

Lyman Hall High School’s vocational agriculture program acquired Ginger and Lacey, two four-year-old miniature horses, in Sept. 2010 as a donation from a Meriden woman.

However, the estimated cost of keeping the horses rose more than anticipated.

“The finances just kept going up as we moved [into the new building],” said Pat Donnellan, Lyman Hall vo-ag teacher.  Lyman Hall’s vo-ag program moved into a new facility, built with state funds, in Jan. 2010. Currently the program has about 250 students.

On Tuesday, the Town Council approved a request to open up bidding for the horses, but this won’t be an ordinary surplus bid.

“It adds a little judgment to it,” said Donnellan. “The bid amount is in there, but it isn’t point heavy.”

According to officials in the town’s Purchasing department, when school equipment is discarded, a legal notice is placed in the newspaper and the item goes to the highest bidder. In this case, a rubric will be used to determine if the bidders are suitable for the horses based on a site visit evaluation.


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