Did You Know October is National Book Month?

Enhancing your child's academic performance when it comes to school begins by opening a book and exploring the adventure of reading.


There is nothing more exciting and encouraging than to travel the world in books, from young ages to older, reading opens our imaginations to a different world.

October is National Book Month and what better time to encourage kids and others in your life to read? The Wallingford Public Library has numerous programs throughout the month that will spark your's and your children's imaginations.

Today, many schools take the adventure of reading to several areas where children love to open, or even write, a book.  Whether it is a short story or read a book that is appropriate for their age group. But the question is how to encourage the adventures in reading?

Here are some suggestions to encourage young children the adventure of reading.  In school, putting together a class project where children can write small articles talking about their favorite books and authors - in celebration of National Book Month.

Art is another way by drawing their favorite book cover, or even creating their very own unique book mark they can use when choosing a book to read. This is a rewarding experience where they can earn a gold star after completing a book. Most of all, authors love to hear from their readers, why not ask your child to write a letter to their favorite author - they may just get a response.

Many words learned are through reading. The traditional spelling bee is a fun activity to do with children based on words they became familiar with simply by reading too.  Arrange a spelling bee trivia along with a reading time where you can encourage your child to be the author and write their own book.

The best part is swapping books. That means once your child is complete reading a book at any age level, once complete, arrange swap a book day with another child (or students if in a classroom).  There are several ways to encourage the adventures of reading - believe it or not, reading is not only an adventure, but opens the mind of curiosity where they will want to read more, do more and the results are developing a reading guru through education and fun at the same time.

Title your adventure of reading with National Book Month to celebrate the gift of knowledge by opening a book with your child. You'd be surprised how reading and fun activities will enhance your child's academic performance in all means when it comes to school.


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