What's Closed on Columbus Day in Wallingford

Monday, Oct. 8, 2012, is Columbus Day. Here's what's closed.


Monday is Columbus Day, a state and federal holiday that commemorates the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus' Oct. 12, 1492, landing in the New World.

In recent times, Columbus Day, which was designated a federal holiday in 1937, has become a day for many to celebrate their Italian-American heritage. For the majority of Americans, it also means a day off from work or school.

Here’s what’s closed on Monday:

  • All federal, state and local city and town offices are closed.
  • Most banks are closed.
  • Schools are closed.
  • Many public libraries are closed.
  • All postal offices are closed and mail will not be delivered.
  • The DMV is closed. Click here for more information.
  • Connecticut Lottery Headquarters in Rocky Hill is closed.


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