Wallingford Residents: Are You Registered to Vote for This November?

If not, your local registrars are holding voter registration next week.


On Tuesday, the Wallingford Registrars of Voters will hold a registration session in the Registrar’s office, Room 211 in Town Hall from 9 a.m.until 5 p.m.

The session is intended to complete a registry of active and inactive voters. Voters who have moved or changed their name since they last voted should correct their address or name, so it will appear on the correct voting list at their current address. 

Please call the Registrar’s office (203-294-2125) to confirm your registration.

Any voter wishing an absentee ballot should call the Town Clerk (203-294-2145) for an application for their absentee ballot and submit all filled out documents to the Town Clerk.

MAC September 29, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Obama, unrestrained by another election, would double down on his disastrous and FAILED "leadership" of our once great nation, turning it into a DYSTOPIA which we will not recognize as anything resembling the FREE nation we grew up in! Those with common sense will be voting for Romney/Ryan, "America's Comeback Team," so that we can have some REAL "hope" for our futures! Unfortunately, Obama has no respect for the Constitution, the "Separation of Powers" etc., and instead is totally committed to his misguided zero-sum ideology of DIMINISHING U.S. prosperity because he believes America must become poorer in order for people in third world nations to do better. His first term economic devastation may become minor compared to the havoc and "Dystopia" an unrestrained Obama will wreak through his un-Constitutional Executive Orders and the bureaucratic "Regulations" with which he ^^steals our Liberties^^, such as in the "HealthCare Mandate" imposed by K. Sebelius. And all that could be dwarfed by the takeover from within, by Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim Terrorists who Obama has welcomed into the WH, while he will not allow our military and Nat'l Security agencies to even name these THREATS as what they are!!! To understand how Obama is totally FAILING to protect our nation, his most basic responsibility, watch"The Project" documentary on TheBlaze.com/tv. Free 2 wk. trial avail. and you can watch on demand.


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