Snow Progress: All Wallingford Roads Now Have Access to Travel

Schools in Wallingford also closed for a third day in the row due to street cleaning.

All of Wallingford’s roads now have at least one-lane access to traffic, although district officials still opted to not hold school for a third day in a row following Friday’s storm.

Public Works employees told Patch that crews completed its goal Tuesday and plowed 100 percent of Wallingford's streets, giving enough room so that emergency vehicles can get through.

Superintendent Salvatore Menzo said, however, that while progress has been made in plowing streets and removing snow from the schools, there still is a list of streets that he said are still difficult for buses to navigate.

Already students were expecting to have Friday off and Monday due to the upcoming President’s Day weekend. On top of this, Thursday was expected to be a half-day leading into the weekend.

But Menzo said the district is taking it “one day at a time” when it comes to whether school will be in session on Thursday.

Also, depending on the level of snow days accumulated, Wallingford schools could see some of their April vacation days taken away to make up for the lost class time.

Kl Massoni February 13, 2013 at 12:13 PM
Another 2-5 inches of snow tonight doesn't look good for school on Thursday.


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