Campaign Notebook: Seniors Rally, Women 'Pandered' To

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.

Fifth District

Elizabeth Esty and Andrew Roraback are both attending a candidates’ forum at the Lake Waramaug Country Club in New Preston on the evening of Wednesday, Oct 3. More details can be found at the News Times website.


Seniors Rally

About 20 protesters, most of them senior citizens, demonstrated at Linda McMahon’s campaign headquarters in North Haven on Monday against what they say is the Republican U.S. Senate candidate's desire to "sunset" Social Security and Medicare.

The protesters said they were reacting to comments McMahon made at a Tea Party forum in Waterford where she proposed adding a "sunset provision" to the Social Security Act.

‘Pandering’ for Female Votes

Chris Murphy has worked to paint Linda McMahon as anti-women through campaign ads, but a writer at Slate feels “demeaned” by the attempts.

Throw Murphy’s [television] spot in with the rest of the season’s lady-focused ads and the picture you get of American womanhood is one of earnest cowering worry, often while toting a baby, occasionally while muttering said worries to said baby. Our emotional repertoire would seem to consist entirely of different shades of fear.

Third District

Rosa DeLauro (D): The federal government is redistributing $121 million in wealth to help pay for a new rail system between New Haven, Hartford and Springfield. The plan has the endorsement of DeLauro. She wrote on Twitter:

New Haven-Hartford-Springfield rail means opportunities for econ development and expansion, up and down the line #cttransit

Wayne Winsley (R) shared an organization's political advertisement urging voters to vote against all 435 incumbent members of Congress this election. “Vote out the House, especially in CT,” Winsley said on Twitter.

Fourth District

Jim Himes (D) received the endorsement of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

“As we kick-off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m glad that Planned Parenthood continues to provide proactive screenings that will hopefully allow more women to successfully address this disease in the early stages,” Himes said.

Steve Obsitnik (R) broke across party lines to praise President Barack Obama’s speech to the United Nations last week. Obama warned Iran against obtaining a nuclear weapon, reports the Boston Globe.

“I applaud President Obama for taking this opportunity to assure the world that ‘the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon’, and that while diplomacy is preferable, ‘time is not unlimited’,” said Obsitnik, in a statement. “These statements were critical, given Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent inflammatory threats regarding Israel’s very existence.  We need to show the world that we stand behind Israel and will not allow a nuclear Iran.”    


Julie Weisberg contributed to this report.

Christopher Schaefer October 03, 2012 at 09:58 AM
Ever notice that just about the only time ROSA DeLauro makes an appearance is to announce another federal expenditure (or “redistributing $121 million in wealth” as this article aptly put it)? Notice that she never mentions that it’s YOUR tax money—plus billions of dollars borrowed from China—that SHE is spending? Notice that she never mentions how much this is adding to the federal debt—now totaling over $150,000 PER taxpayer? Notice that DeLauro has NO PLAN WHATSOEVER to deal with this massive debt? Trains are great—the only way I’ll go to NYC. But politicians need to stop pretending this is free money, and need to start weighing the true financial payback—if any—of such projects (I mean, besides temporary construction jobs and the payback via campaign donations from construction companies). The annual state subsidy for each individual person who rides Shoreline East is about $14,000. Should a state & fed. Govt. that’s going broke be spending that kind of money? Everyone agrees it would be better if more people used mass transit. The question is whether they actually WILL. The answer since post-WWII has been a resounding “no”. And the only thing that will change this is when alternatives to cars become more attractive to the majority. The way in which the suburbs were—and continue to be—laid out since the 1950s makes use of mass transit a limited possibility for most people. Thus funding such an “experiment” now is only a political stunt.
Christopher Schaefer October 03, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Last Feb DeLauro promoted the Soc. Sec.tax cut extension as the "CENTERPIECE" of her jobs plan, putting--$14/week!--back in the paycheck of the average worker. Here’s her Social Security "plan" on her website: “Rosa believes we must protect the programs that provide necessary services for CT’s senior citizens. She has pushed for cost-of-living increases to Social Security “. So she panders for votes by highlighting her spending--but says NOTHING about what must be done to keep Soc Sec solvent! McMahon has stipulated that any changes to Soc Sec should be done in a “bipartisan” fashion—something DeLauro has proved incapable of, preferring partisan ranting. McMahon also stated she would not support changing benefits for current retirees: “We cannot continue doing things the way we are doing with Social Security. We’re just simply going to be bankrupt.” Ryan’s proposal, which DeLauro denounced, preserves the existing Soc Sec program for those 55+; offers workers under 55 the OPTION of investing 1/3rd of current SS taxes into personal retirement accounts—identical to the Thrift Savings Plan ALREADY available to Fed employees. His plan makes the program solvent by combining a more realistic measure of growth in SS’s initial benefits, with an eventual rising of the retirement age. DeLauro’s grand plan for preserving Social Security? In her own words: “It will never become insolvent.” (Aug 11, 2010 in New Haven)


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