Wallingford Property Transfers: Sept. 14—Sept. 21

Your weekly report of what properties sold in Wallingford this week.


The following information was provided by the Wallingford Town Clerk's office.

  • 7 Padens Court: $456,944.14. Date conveyed: Sept. 14. Seller: VW Homes LLC, 101 N. Plains Industrial Road #A1, Wallingford. Buyer: Javoslaw P. and Zana K. Kulas, 7 Padens Court, Wallingford.
  • 14 Shewky Court: $350,000. Date conveyed: Sept. 13. Seller: Robert B. and Donna M. Stewart, 6034 Pikes Pass St. SE, Salem, Ore. Buyer: David J. Flint, 14 Shewky Court, Wallingford.
  • 12 Albert St.: $145,000. Date conveyed: Sept. 14. Seller: Richard J. Laden, Jr. and Betty J. Laden, 1539 Twin Palms Loop, Lutz, Fla. Buyer: Randy Ouellette, 12 Albert St., Wallingford.
  • 359 S. Elm St.: $315,000. Date conveyed: Sept. 14. Seller: Jeanine Connelly, 5 Cedar St., Wallingford. Buyer: Kathleen A. Buccy and Maris Rubertone, 359 S. Elm St., Wallingford.
  • 80 Oak St.: $120,199. Date conveyed: Sept. 14. Seller: Deutche Bank National Trust Co., 1661 Worthington Road, West Palm Beach, Fla. Buyer: Edward A. Schuler, Sr., Crown St., Meriden.
  • 100 Hosford St.,: $125,000. Date conveyed: Aug. 7. Seller: Buckley and Buckley LLC Committee, 234 Church St., New Haven. Buyer: Generation Mortgage Co., Litigation Department, 3780 Mansell Road S., 140 Alpharette, Ga.


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