Wallingford U.S. Postal Service Plant to Close this Year, Report Says

Connecticut's federal lawmakers issued a statement Wednesday saying the USPS plan was supposed to close next year, however that timetable has now sped up to 2013.

The United States Postal Service reportedly has plans to close a Wallingford postal processing facility this year, according to a news release from Connecticut’s congressional delegation.

The postal service planned on closing processing facilites in both Wallingford and Stamford next year, however the state’s delegation said it’s now happening in 2013, the statement said.

The delegation — made up of all five of Connecticut’s Congressman — said it was “outraged” by this decision.

“Closing these facilities will impact nearly 1,200 jobs, reneging on a promise to the employees and communities that these facilities would remain open during this year to allow enough time to reform the Postal Service and assess if these closures are fiscally prudent,” the statement read. “For years, our delegation has been calling for action on real reforms to get the Postal Service back on a sound fiscal footing, and now a failure to act by the House Republican leadership means jobs lost and livelihoods threatened.”

Patch left a message with the spokesman for the USPS in Connecticut. There's been no word on when the proposed closure would be. 

The CT delegation said it was committed on reversing the decision and preventing further closures, so that Connecticut residents do not experience delays in mail delivery.

“USPS is correct in one respect: it cannot sustain itself under the current system,” the statement read. “But unilateral action is not the answer. Congress must pass a comprehensive plan that addresses the challenges facing the Postal Service and continue to provide affordable, accessible service to every address in the country.”

John Amendola March 27, 2013 at 04:40 PM
Get the story right....not close but downsize
Patti Clarke March 28, 2013 at 11:54 AM
workers will be the last to know (as in this case)..I believe the intention is to eventually close...probably sooner rather than later. your reps aren't losing any sleep over it either...not exactly a priorty. I'm sure their "pay-offs" have been dwindling. where was clerk union head during all this hoopla? hiding under a bed? old union prez would've been out in forefront making a statement and at least showing strength and hope. unless the advance-pay of the retirement health benefit is reversed, the post office is doomed, and that appears to have been the plan all along. I truly do hope reps "pretend savior" works and they do save jobs...after all, doesn't our democratic prez tell us how "things are getting better"? look at all the jobs he's created...how great our economy is...at least it is for him. the whole country is a mess and until it affects the "blind", it isn't happening. don't blame one side for the landslide in the past few years. the whole lot should be thrown out. the same creeps get voted in time after time.


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