Wallingford Residents Report Feeling Maine Earthquake

There have been numerous reports of tremors throughout Connecticut as the result of an earthquake centered in Maine.


An earthquake centered in Maine, measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale, was powerful enough to shake homes in Connecticut early Tuesday evening.

The quake, which occurred around 7:12 p.m., had its epicenter 13 miles northwest of Saco, Maine, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

A couple postings on the Wallingford Facebook page indicated the tremors were felt in our area.

Here is what our Facebook followers said when asked if they felt the tremor:

  • Susan Peters Haag- I felt it in Wallingford...not far from the downtown area
  • Barbara Gemini Haglund- I felt it in north branford.
  • Don Crouch- Yes also in downtown area
  • Pat Robin Mann- Really a quake in Wlfd???

Did you feel the earthquake in Wallingford? Tell us in the comments below.

judith Silverstein October 17, 2012 at 12:07 PM
I live in sourhbury CT.and feltt two epidodes around 7:12- 7:16 the primary one was at 7:14, at first i thought it was the washing machine on spin cycle....which was not on. Felt like a low rumbling wave, I've lived in Nev. and felt earthquakes before...which were more like a slamming feeling like a rruck hitting the side of yoir house. This was more deep wave like and growling in nature. .


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