Wallingford Company Gets National Award

Competitive Resources Inc., an energy efficiency firm, won the Energy Star award recently.


The U.S. Department of Energy has recognized Competitive Resources Inc. (CRI) of Wallingford with its 2011 Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Century Club Award. 

Daniel Esty, commissioner of the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection recently presented the award to CRI.

The Century Club Award is given to companies nationwide that have improved the energy efficiency of more than 100 homes in the past year. Out of the thousands of energy efficiency companies nationwide, CRI is among just 86 companies to receive the award nationally.

“We are extremely honored to have been recognized with the Century Club Award,” said Scott Hastie, CRI’s regional manager.

Contractors participating in a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program are trained to diagnose homes and determine where energy improvements are necessary.  As a result, homes typically experience an energy savings of at least 20 percent. In Connecticut, CRI and other utility-authorized contractors provide home energy efficiency services through the statewide Home Energy Solutions (HES) program, which is administered by the state’s utility companies and funded by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund through a small surcharge on each customer’s electric utility bill.

The HES program provides homeowners and renters with energy efficiency services that include sealing air leaks and drafts, installing improved lighting and water-saving devices, identifying inefficient appliances, insulation levels and heating/cooling systems, and providing information on available utility incentives and tax credits. A modest fee is collected at the time of service.


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