Price-Match! There's Nothing Like Free Ice Cream and English Muffins

When it comes to grocery shopping, why not buy more and spend less? Price-match it. And if you're lucky, you may just get some items for free.

There is nothing better than seeing a buy one, get one free, especially when it comes to the family favorites. And saving time, travel and money, price-matching is another way of cutting down that grocery bill and still use those coupons. First, check the stores that guarantee price-match; meaning they will match the price of their competitors.

First, look at all store ads, write down your list in two columns; price-match items with price and store it's being advertised in and items you need to purchase at. Going to one store when using price-match is a plus. It is important to also put a check mark next to items with coupons so you know how to load the belt.

Bring in the other store's fliers with the ads of those sale items, even if they are the buy one get one free items. Use other sources like coupon.com too and print those free coupons on top of what coupons you receive in weekly papers. 

Alert the cashier you are doing a price-match ... you will get the sale price and the special sales via a price match as long as you tell the cashier the store, the price and have that ad ready from the other store. Having a coupon is even better — especially on a price-match item that has buy one get on free in another ad.

There are several reasons why you should consider getting into the habit of doing price-match. For starters, going to one place to get the sale items from a store's competitor also saves you time and gas. Why drive all over the place to different stores to get the good deals? I would rather just pick it up all in one place.

The thing I love about this the most when price-matching items for sale from another store, shopping in one place and still being able to use coupons — especially on those sale price items I am price-matching on. Getting into this habit saves more money, time and fuel.

It is helpful to learn about every retailer and/or grocery store price matching policies simply by going to their website and keep a copy of the policy with you in the event you have that "happy cashier" that has no clue what price-matching is.

Give it a try and be the economical guru shopper in your home. As for me, I am loving the free Hood ice-cream and Thomas' english muffins, all because of price match.


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